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Transportation Guidelines (AM/PM)

Grandview AM/PM Transportation Guidelines

To ensure the health, safety and welfare of the students, staff members and parents, we ask that you adhere to the Grandview Elementary School Transportation Guidelines.  They were created in accordance with CDC recommendations, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Education guidelines.

School Transportation

  1. Students who are riding the bus must refer to the Homeroom Assignment Letter for important information regarding bus number, bus stop and bus times. 
  2. Alternate bus stops will not be accommodated this year because of the limited number of students permitted to ride the bus to meet social distance requirements.
  3. Students must wear a mask or face shield and social distance on the bus.
  4. Students and parents are responsible for social distancing at bus stops.
  5. Students must follow the directions of the bus driver and maintain appropriate behavior at all times.
  6. Students should be made aware that riding a bus is a privilege.
  7. For kindergarten and first grade students to be dropped-off from the bus in the afternoon, a parent/guardian or designated person must be present at the bus stop.  Parents must make bus drivers aware of who this person will be at the bus stop.  If the individual is not present, the student will be brought back to Grandview.  It will be the parents’ responsibility to pick-up their child at Grandview. 

Private Transportation

  1. The school encourages you to transport your child to and from school to help reduce the number of students riding the bus.
  2. Please follow the directions of the Derry Police Officer and staff members on duty.  They are there to maintain the safety of the students at bus times.
  3. Students will not be able to enter Grandview prior to 8:45 am because of social distancing and supervision requirements.
  4. Driving or parking in the bus zone lane or fire lane is prohibited. Driving behind parked buses in the bus zone is both a traffic violation and a safety concern.  The bus zone is the entire area closest to the curb in the front of Grandview.
  5. Parents transporting in the morning or picking-up students in the afternoon should follow “Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up” signs. 
  6. It will be a drive thru system where parents will be directed to turn into the lower parking lot, proceed around the lot, turn into the parking lot by the loading dock, and proceed to the flagpole loop to drop-off or pick-up your child in the morning and afternoon. 
  7. Your child will enter or exit the school using the doors by the flagpole.
  8. During parent pick-up, your child will be brought to you by a staff member at the same location.
  9. All parents will be provided with a PikMyKid app and identification number to inform Grandview of your arrival.  Additional PikMyKid app information will be provided to parents. 
  10. All parents/guardians must remain in vehicles at all times.
  11. Parent pick-up will begin at 3:00 pm to start the school year.  It may be adjusted based on the number of students being picked-up during the school year.
  12. Vehicles cannot be parked by yellow curbs, in areas which have “No Parking or “Reserved” signs, in handicapped loading areas, near fire hydrants, at the loading dock, in the flagpole area, or by the curb in the front parking lot.  Please park in designated parking areas.
  13. Students who are not permitted to ride school transportation must arrive between 8:45 - 9:00 am and be picked-up at 3:25 pm.
  14. Due to extensive vehicle traffic, students are not permitted to walk to or home from Grandview.

Late Arrivals and Early Dismissals

  1. Students who arrive after 9:00 am must enter Grandview’s main office doors.  Parents may accompany students into the school and remain in the entryway, wear a mask and social distance.  Parents will not be permitted to enter the office unless there is an emergency that requires immediate attention.
  2. For safety and social distancing measures, parents must ring the buzzer to enter the school and ring a second buzzer in the entryway for their child to enter the office.
  3. For early dismissals, parents will sign-out son or daughter in the entryway, present photo ID in Raptor Security System and wait for your son or daughter to be brought to the entryway.  Parents will be required to wear a mask and social distance while in the entryway.
  4. Parents may use the lower lot and spaces in front of Grandview for parking.  Please note there are limited visitor spaces in the front parking lot.